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 The Misadventures of An Aspiring Captain

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Rowen Belmont

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PostSubject: Re: The Misadventures of An Aspiring Captain    Wed Jun 04, 2014 5:18 pm

"Perfect" Rowen said calmly as he followed Blade down the gangway to the dock. When something caught his nose. "That smells delicious..." His voice trailed off at as he followed the scent to the food.
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PostSubject: Re: The Misadventures of An Aspiring Captain    Thu Jun 05, 2014 4:28 pm

Blade would take his travels alone from this point. He bought some bread and packed some water. He leaned up against a post and quickly devoured some of the bread, eying everyone who walked by. This harbor city was all work and no play it seemed. Blade wandered off into the forests with haste and without a word.
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Rowen Belmont

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PostSubject: Re: The Misadventures of An Aspiring Captain    Fri Jun 06, 2014 12:30 am

Following his nose to a small shanty where the intoxicating medley of spices, and herbs permeated the air.

"Sir, what is that marvelous smell?" Rowen asked.

"It's my mama's recipe! Family secret salmon stew, would you like some? Just a few dollars a bowl!" An older gentlemen turned around, and before even hearing Rowen's answer he was setting the bowl in front of him.

"Oh, that is fantastic. However, I am afraid I have no money. So I cannot take your food." Rowen bowed his head. "It does remind me of how long it has been since I have eaten however..." He trailed off as his belly grumbled loudly.

The older man let out a great guffaw, "oh, it's on the house lad! Enjoy, you must be in some trouble if you've travelled that far with out eating." He smiled as he leaned onto the his counter.

"Oh, you are a saint, thank you for this. I do not know how I will ever repay you..." He said as he sat down on the stool, at the vendor's stall. "Mm," he moaned. "This is good. How do you not have more customers?" Rowen asked after swallowing the bit of food he put in his mouth.

"Well, there's not too many people who can handle the flavour here." The man sighed, as if he was just reminded of a great problem. "Back in my home town of Orly, not far from here to the east. I used to serve many, ran the inn. Until the Blue Guard took over, they're good for the town. But they taxed us so heavily, and the way they run their men..." The anger in his voice was rising.

"I apologize for sparking some bad memories sir. It was very rude of me after you offering me a free meal." Rowen apologized bowing his head even lower this time.

"Ah, no worries friend. Just enjoy your stew, it's good for me to see someone who can enjoy it!" He laughed again, turning back to his stove. "Which reminds me, where are you from lad?"

"My birth place is Grande Riviera in the Grand Line, however, we moved to Ragnarok Island when I was around eight. Then we jumped village to village for some years, I do not really have a home, as you would call it." Rowen explained with a strange unwavering courage in his voice.

"I see, well. Either way, it seems you grew up right. A blessing to your parents, they must be fine people." He chuckled a bit. "Now, what brings you out here?"

"I am running from the authorities on my island. I have done something inexcusable." Rowen explained as he stood up.

"Ah, I see." The man shrugged. "You seem well enough to me, you must've had a good reason."

"He hurt my family." Rowen stated before turning around. "Thank you for hospitality sir. I wish you the best."

"Aye lad, a few parting words." The man turned to watch Rowen walking away. "Chasing the past is like sailing into the wind, you can take as many steps as you like but you'll never get any closer to your goal. Ye'd be best to look into the future, and what you can change now." With that, Rowen was already gone. He was going to check out this town of Orly. Seemingly corrupt guards could make solid pirating companions, plus he could learn how to extort people as they do, and really become notorious. However, something kept nagging at him, is being a pirate really his true calling?
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PostSubject: Re: The Misadventures of An Aspiring Captain    

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The Misadventures of An Aspiring Captain
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